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Super Seals and Ear Gear

Obviously if taking to the water where a good dousing is possible, for most people it comes down to removing your aids and storing them securely in something like an Aquasac, or you might want to consider covers that keep out most of the moisture.. but are not waterproof...... something like Super Seals.

If you're more concerned with the odd splash then Ear Gear covers provide a solution that also has the benefit of reducing wind noise over the microphones of the aid.

I regualrly use these in all windy conditions (not just on the boat) and can vouch for the wind reduction and the reassurance the cords with clips (which is a choice when buying) give in keeping the aids secure.

Ear Gear are almost acoustically transparent so there is little little loss of hearing when used. Both Super Seals and Ear Gear can be sourced at
www.deafequipment.co.uk with Ear Gear also being available through the RNID.


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